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Citrix Or Terminal Services For Your Virtual Desktop?

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

When choosing your virtual desktop system or hosted desktop, as it is otherwise known, thee are some considerations to take into account.

Most virtual desktop providers will either offer you the choice of Windows Terminal Services or Citrix for your hosted solution.

To understand the difference between the two, below is a very simple explanation of the differences for the end-user, when accessing your hosted desktop.

Windows Terminal Services

Terminal Services is Windows remote access solution and end users connect to their virtual server or virtual desktop using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which is already built into most Windows operating systems and just requires some minor setup to give you fast access to your virtual desktop and hosted application.

You can save an icon onto your desktop, which provides fast, easy access to your remote desktop services.


Hosted solutions using Citrix are more expensive than Terminal Services solutions, but offer a better user experience when working with graphics files, audio and video, due to the improved compression and streaming that it offers.

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