Providing cloud computing and hosted virtual desktop services

Cloud Computing Features


Desktop Anywhere’s on-demand service allows you to customise your virtual desktop experience to your exact needs and requirements, putting you back in control of your IT systems. You can instantly deploy new applications and resources or add new users.

Key Features

  • 99.99% service uptime guarantee
  • Super-fast user experience
  • Instant login via iPad, iPhone, PC, MAC or laptop*
  • Desktops fully-customisable
  • Local file sharing
  • Local printing
  • Administration control to install software
  • Remote sound

For IT Managers

Each user will be part of your own company domain, which you can access if you wish to create and/or alter users and permissions. Your users can be placed under your direct management if you choose. Alternatively, you can let our management team look after the day-to-day administration – just contact us via email, phone or chat as needed.

Desktops can also be locked down through policies to prevent the installation of software if you choose. Other options that can be easily integrated include hosted file servers, federated domains and access through VPN.


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* some additional Free software may be required

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