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Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud computing has become a popular buzz word in the business world due to Microsoft’s big budget advertising, but what are the benefits and advantages of cloud computing?

•   Simple installation – pre configured corporate level solution

•   Performance – High performance servers. Continually kept up to date at no extra cost.

•   Management – Centrally managed, mirrored servers allow easy maintenance and upgrading with no down time

•   Remote access – work from anywhere with an internet connection

•   Backup – Corporate level online backup systems. Multiple off site locations. Excellent disaster recovery option

•   Virus protection – Never get a virus again. Corporate level virus protection and spam filtering

•   Fixed budget – No sudden, expensive surprises when equipment fails. No downtime if it does. Just a fixed price every month

•   Short term contract – No long tie in, three month rolling contract

•   Continuity of service

•   Be legal on licensing, with no time spent on admin internally

•   Standardised software versions for everyone

•   Remote access is fast, easy and secure

•   It’s an IT disaster recover solution – out of the box!

•   Employees cannot break the IT system or cause problems

•   Virus’s cannot stop the business

•   Highly accurate financial forecasting for growth or cutbacks. No capex budget needed

•   No degradation of performance. It’s always as quick as the day you bought it

•   You never pay for server or software upgrades, but you always have the latest and most powerful servers and the most up-to-date software

•   No IT support people required onsite. It’s a plug and play IT system

•   Never overspend on IT. Pay for exactly what you need month by month

•   Freedom to remove rent and office costs with home working. Access your IT desktop exactly as if in the office

Desktop Anywhere helps clients with secure, fast cloud computing services such as hosted desktop and virtual servers.

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