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The Benefits of Hosted Desktop Systems

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Hosted desktop is still in relatively early stages, but it has already generated enough interest in business owners’ minds worldwide. The concept is pretty straightforward – imagine all your data, applications and e-mail stored centrally on a server, from which you can access these files any time you want. So what is special about it? Anybody can get a server PC and host his files, right? Well, yes, but they do not get to access it from anywhere in the world, via laptops, or even smart phones. That’s right, hosted desktop systems allow you to access your files in a secured manner, anytime, anywhere.

The benefits of hosted desktop systems are manifold. However, the most significant ones are as follows:

1. Cost savings: This is undoubtedly the most significant advantage that hosted desktop services provide, especially during these recession plagued times. Having a hosted desktop service frees you from the obligation of purchasing powerful hardware, maintaining a server and a multitude of workstations, hiring a technically proficient support team and so forth. All these responsibilities are handled by the service provider, leaving you with a much less financial overhead and more time to concentrate on running your business, not supporting its infrastructure.

2. Secured data storage: Data security is of paramount importance in today’s world. The internet is rife with viruses and worms. Hackers are also constantly trying to access your sensitive data, including financial information like credit card numbers, passwords of bank accounts, etc. When you opt for a hosted desktop service, you will get solid security for your mission critical information. There will be firewalls and antivirus software installed on the server. Any type of data transfer will be encrypted, ensuring almost total immunity against hacking attempts. Even your e-mail conversations will be encrypted and scanned to prevent virus infections and hacking.

3. Automatic disaster recovery: Desktop hosting providers take back ups of your sensitive data on a regular basis, ensuring that if disaster strikes, your data will not be lost. If you try to maintain data stores of your own, you will have to worry about disaster recovery and business continuity in case of an unseen disaster. But here, you are free to concentrate on running your business. Your provider will take care of the rest of your concerns.

4. Flexibility of working from anywhere: Since your data is centrally stored on a server, you and your employees can access it from anywhere, via a web interface. This ensures that your business operations are never affected by any natural calamity, especially if your data is stored in a different geographical location.

These are the benefits of desktop hosting that are worth considering when opting for a desktop hosting service. You should definitely opt for such a service to give your business a significant leverage in today’s competitive business world. It will give you total peace of mind, and almost impenetrable security for your business data.

Hosted Desktop – Globalisation For Your Business

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Hosted desktop is a relatively new term in the world of information technology. It refers to technology that allows your desktop to be hosted at a remote location, along with all software installations, data, and networking support. You are given either a web-based interface, or a remote terminal, through which you can access your desktop from any PC that has an internet connection.

Advantages of hosted desktop service

1.Accessing your files anytime, anywhere – With a hosted desktop, all your data and applications are hosted at a centralised location. You can access your files from any PC, laptop, or even a handheld computing device at any given time. Your data will be backed up automatically on a daily basis by your service provider. This ensures that your data will never be lost, and saves you the trouble of investing in a disaster recovery plan (DRP).

2.Secure e-mail conversations – Many desktop hosting service providers also bundle e-mail hosting with their plans. Always go for these services. They will host your organisational e-mail on a secure server, and protect them from intrusion by unauthorised personnel. You can opt for Microsoft Exchange server software for your e-mails, which will ensure maximum compatibility with the clients’ e-mail software. It is more secure than other e-mail services, and you can even have the service configured to access your e-mails using your Blackberry or other smart phones, in a hassle-free manner.

3.Data security – Your service provider will usually provide adequate security for stored data. The server will have updated versions of antivirus software and firewall installed, to ensure that your data is not harmed by virus, worm or Trojan infections. At the same time, high level encryption of data while being transferred will also make it safe from hackers to prevent your financial data from being at risk.

4.Cost savings – If you find a good desktop hosting service, you will not need to invest in expensive hardware. Forget the worries about getting a powerful server, and the best routers for your business. You no longer need to get those, neither do you need to hire IT professionals who demand high salary. Simply go for the services of a good hosting service provider. They will take care of the rest.

5.Working offline if necessary – Just because your files are hosted on an online server does not mean you have to be connected to the internet while working. There are software utilities available that will allow you to synchronise data stored on the server with that in your laptop or smart phone, so that you can work offline and simply upload the modified files to the server afterwards.

In short, hosted desktop services are your one stop solution for all data storage needs. Go for it today to globalise your business, in the truest sense of the word.

Hosted Desktop services launch…

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Hosted Desktop services launched

How does hosted desktop service save you money?

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Ever wondered how you can save money, while still operating your business with high efficiency? Opting for hosted desktop service is the answer. This service gives you space on a fast server in a remote location where you can store your data, and access it from anywhere in the world. You can access your data 24/7, using a laptop or smart phone, from anywhere in the world.

Hosted desktop service also comes with a host of benefits. Here are some of those:

1.    Economical storage space – Hosted desktop service providers offer storage space on their servers at economical prices. In fact, their fees can be as low as half of what you would need to maintain your own data storage servers, and the data is accessible any time you need.

2.    Excellent technical support – Any decent provider of this service will have a good help desk to take care of clients’ problems. If you ever run into trouble while accessing your data, all you have to do is call them up, and their support team will take care of it.

3.    Good scalability – If you require extra storage space for a particularly large set of data, or to store the e-mails of some new clients, all you have to do is ask for it. The service provider will allocate the extra space to you, and bill you if required.

4.    Application sharing – This feature allows your entire workforce to work on a set of applications that has been centrally installed on the server. This means that you only need a mass license for the employees, and everyone will be able to work on the applications. This in turn means easier application maintenance and troubleshooting. Most service providers offer Microsoft Office as part of their basic plan, allowing you to run your business without purchasing a single copy of the Office suite.

5.    Solid data security – Hosted desktop service providers secure the data stored on their servers. Up-to-date version of antivirus software is present, as is a strong firewall. All data transfer takes place in encrypted form, ensuring that even skilled hackers will have a tough time getting their hands on the data.

6.    Smaller workforce required – The providers take care of the backup and restore services, and perform maintenance on your stored data, ensuring that you need to hire only the employees whom you cannot do without.

These are the most significant benefits you get from hosted desktop service. If you haven’t opted for one yet, maybe it is high time you did. It will surely give your business an unbeatable edge over your competitors.

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